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Simposium on Pluriversal Thinking from/on Latin America and The Caribbean

Dialogues Between Western and Non-Western (Afrocentric, Indigenous) Critical Thinking Traditions.

Radboud University, NIjmegen. 29-30 de junio y 1 de julio 2022.

Brigitte Adriaensen
Valeria Grinberg Pla

Our aim is to engage with critical discourses from Latin America and/or the Caribbean rooted in Afrocentric or Indigenous thought in dialogue with critical perspectives on coloniality, patriarchy, logocentrism, eurocentrism and racism developed within Western philosophical traditions. Where and how do these positions intersect? How do they enrich each other? What are their commonalities and differences? Which bridges need to be built?

Productive frameworks to approach these questions are pluriversal thinking (Arturo Escobar), the Black Atlantic (Paul Gilroy), transmodernity (Enrique Dussel), the whole-world poetics of relation (Édouard Glissant) and decolonial feminism (María Lugones).

We are very interested in your perspective and welcome your participation with a 30 minute presentation. Possible topics in this context include, but are not limited to, points of contact (and friction) between Afrocentric, Indigenous theories and/or critical Western perspectives on the Anthropocene, affect, psychoactive substances, bodily performance, nationalism, coloniality and the environment.

We envision this as an opportunity for an interdisciplinary dialogue and thus place emphasis on participants attending the whole symposium, allowing for conversations to develop. Building on the papers presented at the symposium, we will submit a proposal for a special issue to a well-respected scholarly journal in the field of Latin American Cultural Studies.

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